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Get a Variety of Construction Materials in Okotoks

Do you need materials for backfilling? Or are you installing a new in-ground pool? deVries Bros Sand & Gravel supplies construction materials in Okotoks for all kinds of building and landscaping projects. From pea gravel and road gravel to washed sand and playground sand, we have a large selection of aggregates available for all types of applications.

Why Rely on a Professional Aggregate Supplier?

Hiring a professional aggregate supplier will not only ensure your product is delivered on time, but also make sure the products meet the required quality standards. When you’ve been in the business as long as we have —nearly 30 years — you know how to take care of people. We are proud to be well-known in the area for quality service and great products.

Our Products

Whether you are a landscaping professional who needs a reliable source for gravel or a homeowner who needs loam for a garden, deVries Bros Sand & Gravel is the place to go! We offer both pickup and delivery of our many aggregates, including:

Bank sand

Bedding sand

Washed sand

Playground sand

Crushed gravel

Driveway gravel

Pea gravel

Pit-run gravel

Road gravel


Drainage rock (various sizes available)

Call us today to discuss the amounts you require and to place your order.


Need Advice?

Let our staff answer your product questions and queries.

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